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Competitive exams
Competitive Exams: For classes XI, XII & Undergrads


The core engineering entrance exam in India that requires clear understanding of the subject at high school level with  the ability to solve problems at certain speed. A systematically organised coursework along with specific test series. Parts of this course and crash course are available online too.

JEE Advanced~

In addition to JEE mains, this will have cross  topic applications after some chapters. It also stresses heavily upon case studies of scenarios and approaches to problem solving.

BITSAT, VIT, Manipal ~

Preparation is common with JEE Mains, with separate test series and extra formula sheets for derived formulae.


1 to 3 months dedicated course for each of these exams based on the previous preparation and familiarity of the student with the subject. These courses are available online too.

Pure maths based Exams: For classes XI & XII
Pure math exams


Indian Statistical Institute and Chennai Mathematical Institute are premier maths based institutes of India that provide degrees in maths, statistics, computing etc which have huge demand in the current market. Preparation for their entrance exams focuses more on pure and discrete maths with some common elements with rest of the high scool syllabus.  

DUET is extrance exam of Delhi University for Maths based courses.

Boards / School: For classes X,XI & XII
School boards


This is meant for students not preparing for Indian competitive exams and have either taken Maths with commerce or biology, or for those planning to move out of India.


A separate course is designed for these students. This course is avilable online too.

Preparation for these exams is done mostly as addition to Board or along with JEE mains exams. There are no separate classes for these, though separate guidance for them is provided.


Foundation Maths: For classes VI to X
Foundation maths

This is a very important course for building up the basic concepts of mathematics and fundamental logical framework behind them, as well as the sequence of flow of ideas and lemma, in addition to completing the coursework of particular class/grade.

Math Games: For classes I to V

This consists of mathematical games designed by topmost mathematicians of India to inculcate mathematical mindset and logic in kids' minds while also engaging their time fruitfully and keep them away from technological distractions . This is a fantastic course for involving your kids. This does not inlcudes completing the school coursework, but helps in developing thinking patterns and logic, greatly beneficial in the long term for kids.

Career counselling and guidance

A free and frank discussion with students and their parents on the career options of their children and providing information for various emerging job fields and fast changing technological landscape. This is additional service provided to any of the students registered for any of the courses.

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