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About Us

Established over half a decade ago with intent of providing quality mathematics education and create interest in maths among the student fraternity, different from the commercial bulk size coaching of one size fits all model, this education setup has evolved into a distinctive academic place nurturing each student to achieve his true potential. 

The methods of teaching involved here focus on development of thinking ability of the student and enhancing his mental faculties to enable him to be able to visualise and imagine the problem/situation on his own. This is done through two way interactions with students, use of props and guidance given by deeply knowledgeable faculty who has in-depth understanding of the subject and student psychology. 

Sameer Bhatele


Sameer Bhatele is an experienced  teacher who excels in innovative pedagogical methods of teaching mathematics and mathematical approaches for all competitive exams at high school level and various board/high school exams. He has done  B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras, has worked in Oil and Gas sector in various capacities before turning to his passion of teaching and guiding students to select among various opportunities and career paths in an evolving business and job market.

He has mentored variety of students and helped them achieve success in their respective exams, especially JEE. He understands the unique needs, ways of perception of students , their individual needs and grooms them accordingly.

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